Cortes Iron Works Hand Crafted Products has been designing and creating custom iron work for over 15 years. We manufacture and fabricate iron doors, gates, hand rails, balconies and other iron products. Cortes works with leading home builders, interior designers, and commercial & residential contractors. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

You will find that all of our products are custom-made with special attention to detail. We have a strong dedication to the highest quality materials. Iron products generally take one to two days to design and fabricate. Our team delivers and installs each project to ensure the quality is perfect. We have many happy customers and look forward to working with you on your next iron project.

Cortes Iron Works


We look forward to offering the community excellent service. Our team has a full commitment to quality of our products and the professionalism of our craft.


M. & J. Cortes – Cortes Iron Works




 About Hand Craft Custom Ornamental Iron Works


The company was established in 1996.


During the 1980′s, Cortes Senior’s passion for iron was growing. It evolved so much, he decided to make a business out of it. Soon, he was building a welding workshop in Inglewood, California. Due to the extensive knowledge of Cortes Sr., he was able to provide for his family. The community loved his talent and usefulness. His skill with iron was unmatched!
Thus, he established a successful business. The business allowed him to dedicate his life to the two things he loved the most… his craft, and his family. Now, that business has successfully been passed down through the Cortes family. Cortes Iron Works is the fruits of Cortes Senior’s labor, hard work, and dedication. It exists today for you, and everyone, to enjoy!

About Cortes Iron Works

These days, the business is thriving. There is an entire team of skilled workers behind Cortes Iron Works now. Much like iron, we are unstoppable and strong!